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By Dr. M. Tina Dupree

Before thinking about the next year, ask yourself if you have accomplished what you promised in this year? Most people break promises that they make to God, but we also break promises that we make to ourselves. 
Did you promise to save money for emergencies? Did you promise to return to school and earn a degree or certificate to advance your career? Did you promise to take better care of your health? Lose weight or eat healthier.? Broken promises can hold us back from the blessings that we could be enjoying. Well, I have a simple solution. Let’s break this cycle. Here is the solution. 

Setting and Achieving Your Goals. About 20+ years ago, I had major surgery. After I was released from the hospital, I experienced terrible pain so bad that I thought that I was going to die. My daughter contacted my doctor who ordered a prescription for the pain. But the pain did not cease. I woke up in the middle of the night in so much pain that I thought I was going to die. I started praying to the Lord to save me. 

Then God answered and told me to take the pen next to my bed and write in the palm of my hand these words, “You’ve invested countless dollars and time in other things. Now its time to invest in yourself. This was the start of my second book, It’s Time to Invest in Yourself. I started to think about what is the purpose of my life here on the earth? And how could I get it accomplished. My first thought was to write down 9 ways to accomplish this. Each of these became chapters in the book. I labeled the chapters as Investments. Investment Chapter 3 was information on how to Set and Achieve Your Goals. WOW! This is it. The solution to stop procrastination. Investing in yourself has great benefits. You will make a commitment to excellence, you are happier, you are not selfish, you are healthier, and much more. This has made a difference in my life. 

Now let’s get to Chapter Investment #3 Set and Achieve Your Goals. I developed a form to help myself and others complete with deep thought by asking the following questions? 

1. What is your ultimate goal in life? Tell why? 
2. How badly do you really want to achieve this goal? (Please do not use “really bad.”) Give this deep thought and explain. 
3. Please give the main reason why you have not achieved this goal? 
4. What would it take to achieve this goal? Give this good thought and write it out. 
5. List five reasons that you feel your goal is obtainable. 
6. Using the goal scale of 10% to 100% where are you now in achieving your goal. 
7. Where do you want to be one year from today in achieving your goal? 

Remember, goals must be written down and have a plan of action steps. You should stay focused and celebrate achievements even small accomplishments. 

Start today don’t wait until next month or year. You will be glad that you did not wait. Keep a journal of your journey to accomplish your goals. 

Please feel free to use this goal setting questions. However, it cannot be shared because it is ©Copyrighted material from my book. You can use for your personal use only. 
© Dr. Marthenia ‘Tina’ Dupree owner of Motivational Training Center LLC & Professional Speakers Network, Inc. Dr. Dupree is in the business of teaching, training, and certifying professional speakers, trainers and authors. She presents corporate training, private one on one consulting and coaching. Find her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.