Keeping Your Business and Yourself in the Spotlight 

By Dr. Marthenia ‘Tina’ Dupree

There are many suggestions about how a small business owner can market or promote their business on a shoe string budget. Some say the best and most economical way is to network. I truly agree with this. Others say using Social Media works best for them. Again, I agree with this method as well. I signed up to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social media websites years ago most of them when they first started. I find them all great marketing tools to promote my business which established my business with global presence. Your choice is to consider what works best for you to establish yourself as a Thought Leader and as an Influencer, so that your target market will begin to see you as the go to expert in your field. Remember exposure sends out a great message using some or all of these methods.

From my personal experiences another way to connect and build a solid relationship with your customers, and to market your business are face to face, one-on one meetings. No one can sell what you do better than you can!

First work on improving your communication skills which is one of your best assets to show a prospect your passion about what you do and the benefits of what your business has to offer. Even in cases where the social networking sites listed above can really work well and give you a global presence, there will still be lots of local opportunities when you will have to make a presentation for your business to a prospective client or customer or speak at a larger venue. Also keep in mind that you may be asked to introduce yourself at a networking event, or in a meeting. Regardless of the opportunity, be sure to make an impact by using powerful words for a good impression. Training to improve your public speaking skills can give you that competitive edge.

I teach Public Speaking at a local college and university for more than 15 years. Most of my students come for one reason that affects some area of their business or profession. They need to improve their public speaking skills because they are not getting the results necessary in order to move forward in their careers. Some need improvement in their interviewing skills for advancement or career change, and others need to improve personal contact with clients because they are in sales or marketing. Regardless of the situation, public speaking will improve all areas of your professional and personal lives.

A businesswoman once said to me "I have been in my position as a trainer for many years, but I still get butterflies whenever I have to introduce myself at a business meeting. I feel intimidated and stumble over my words." My suggestion was for her to use my 30-Second Commercial that I write about in one of my books, “Hot T.I.P.S. on Public Speaking” and I teach this in all of my workshops. It's a very simple method to structure your self-introduction. It works! You simply tell people:

1. Who you are? 2. What you do? 3. Make a brief benefit statement (how you can help) 4. Finally repeat your name.
How easy is that? It works and is very effective. For those who are shy, have fear of public speaking, or just can't seem to get the right words to come out when you are making a speech, taking a class or workshop I can help you by teaching you how to organize and structure your thoughts. Proper practicing can help you to stay on time and get rid of those butterflies. Learning your speaking style can help you to understand why you don't present like others. You have our own speaking style that is unique to you and you should not compare yourself to other speakers. Have fun with this wonderful gift of gab. Speak up and promote your business effectively. These are excerpts from my book, Hot T.I.P.S. on Public Speaking

Dr. M. Tina Dupree is the Founder and Owner of Motivational Training Center LLC and Professional Speakers Network, Inc. She has more than 25 years of experience as a Professional Speaker, presenting professional development programs, and keynote speeches. Dr. Dupree is considered as a Thought Leader in the fields of Professional Speaking and Business Workshops. She is also a business consultant and one-on-one coach. Please feel free to contact her can call at 954-485-5100.